Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Rule of Law

I realized after I had written all of that, I could have summarized the whole post in four words: "The Rule of Law." In other words, laws are to be obeyed. The king, for example, is under the law. If the King is under the law then he can objectively break the law. If he can objectively break the law then he can be punished for his crimes.
Someone asked, "What's the reason for America's Decline?" While there are many, I will give a few (and argue for them later):
With the rise of Defeatism and Dispensationalism, the church saw this world as irredeemable and said, literally, 'to hell with it;' therefore, with the church no longer acting as salt and light, the enemies of God began to play for blood and exacted a terrible price on the church. We are still reeling from the hammer blows.
The dispensational camp is not the only one to blame. Many (ie, natural law theorists) in the Reformed camp have twisted their political heritage to justify social inactivity, approval of judicial tyranny and lawlessness, and in the larger picture, an abdication of the virile world and life view of its greater heroes: Calvin, Knox, Rutherford, Kuyper, and many heroes in today’s church who are otherwise scorned.