Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fairy Tales and Theology

From John Milbank, "Alternative Protestantism," in Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition.

ok, this is still kind of esoteric, but it dovetails with some other things I have been reading.

Recently Celtic scholar John Carey has shown how perfectly orthodox Irish poet-theologians of the very early Middle Ages contrsued the Celtic gods as semi-fallen angels or esle as unfallen human beings still mysteriously present in our world, as well as in some cases as evil demons (the more usual option elsewhere). Indeed, few people up till the seventeenth century were so naive as to suppose that Venus simply "does not exist," while the resurrected Jesus simply "does exist." People in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance much more tended to acknowledge different levels of reality: for residually surviving gods, for angels, and for God himself (WARNING: THIS COMES VERY CLOSE TO PLOTINUS' CHAIN OF BEING--and here I depart from Milbank)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia.

This is somewhat off post but exacttly who is going to do the rebuilding?

Have you for instance ever considered how the military-industrial-entertainment complex totally dominates every aspect of USA so called "culture".

Apart from "entertainment" of course, no one on the "right" of the USA culture wars ever questions the military-industrial complex and how its "values" dominates every aspect of USA "culture"----the "culture" of death made very concrete.

Over 48% of the worlds armaments trade for instance---a new 20 billion dollar deal with Saudi Arabia---the source and bank-roller of much Islamic fundamentalism.

The unacknowledged elephant in the room.

J. B. Aitken said...

Hello Australia,
Who is going to do the rebuilding? I might do a post on that later. But I think I know what you are getting at.

I do not believe that Amerika should be policing the world. My political views are summed up at

I believe in smaller, limited government. I am opposed to what you label the "right." But I am not a "liberal."

You wrote, "ever questions the military-industrial complex and how its "values" dominates every aspect of USA "culture"----the "culture" of death made very concrete."

I question it. You are exactly right.

Anonymous said...

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